Feb. 4th, 2012

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I for real feel like an addict. Like, I'm randomly craving dc and asking people to buy it for me and stuff and gah. It's awful. Clearly, I decided to stop myself at the right time! I can only imagine how bad I'd be in a few years :/

Moving on, I made the cake! And it came out...meh? I wrote the wrong age on it (;-_-), I forgot to put frosting between the layers (;;-_-), and (apparently) neither the cake nor the icing were sweet enough (;;;-_-). Well, whatever. I'll get it right one day. I'm pretty sure I promised pics, but I'm too lazy to do that at this point, lol. But I will eventually. Hopefully within the next couple of days.

The Sock! Is complete!! I'm excited! In celebration (sort of, not really) I bought some needles 24" and 32" online today with a gift card Amazon gave me for trading in an old textbook. So when those show up, I'll start on the second pair of socks, hopefully all at once. In the meantime, I plan on finishing up some socks for a friend. I feel like I'll never knit a sock again after this! They're everywhere!! Oh, and I'll also add a pic of the sock when I do the cake (hopefully).

I had a job interview Friday and I think it went kinda well. Apparently it wasn't a "final" interview, but for once my limited schedule wasn't a problem. So I remain vaguely hopeful. Which is good, I guess, since I'm almost out of money again. 


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