Feb. 18th, 2012

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Honestly. It's ridiculous. There's no real reason for my fingers to even be able to feel this way. Even the slightest pressure hurts.  And yet I keep knitting. (Which is the cause of all of this in the first place.) Because I want to finish this hat and the next one. I'm supposed to see my friend  next Saturday and she's the only one I can dump these hats on, so I need to finish quickly. But it's wreaking havoc on my fingers. I always thought little needles were the ones to fear, but these are the largest needles I've used since I finished my dad's scarf in December!

Oh. So. I was avoiding Dreamwidth (kinda) initially because I was too busy being busy and panicking about my speech, and later because I still haven't gotten un-lazy enough to upload the pics of my dad's cake and The Sock. But I figure it's getting ridiculous at this point, so I might as well just come back here shamefaced, lol.

Regarding the speech, I got an A (yay!) and my professor thinks that with some improvement (although not that much~) I have a good chance of placing in the speech competition. I want to place. And I want that first place. Not because I'm competitive, and not even because I'm particularly passionate about my topic (although I kinda am). I want it because if I win, I'll have $100 to spend however I please. Including on gas for an expensive-ish trip to who-knows-where :D

I'm gonna go finish torturing my fingers now.

(I use the word "ridiculous" a lot. Lol.)


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