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Only one isn't, but I don't even pay attention in that class so I'm certainly not gonna drive 20 miles and brave psychotic traffic just to sit there and not listen (not to mention the gas...). In better-but-still-not great news, my abject poverty has been temporarily relieved (and I didn't even have to borrow money from my parents!), but I'm still jobless. Irritatingly enough, that phone interview thing I had, I totally would've gotten the job if I didn't have school on Tuesdays. SO MUCH SUCKING. I honestly can't find a job. I don't know what I'm gonna do. :(

Also, I got a 90 on my speech. I wanted a 100 or at least a 95, but I'm pretty sure I didn't speak long enough. It makes me very sad. :/

Oh yeah! The Sock. I am working my way down the foot. I can't wait till I start decreasing the toes and I'll know IT'S ALMOST OVER. This thing is a monster; I think it's gonna use, like 40/50 grams of yarn I bought. I'm gonna post a picture of it when I finish. If I finish, lol. 


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