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Honestly. It's ridiculous. There's no real reason for my fingers to even be able to feel this way. Even the slightest pressure hurts.  And yet I keep knitting. (Which is the cause of all of this in the first place.) Because I want to finish this hat and the next one. I'm supposed to see my friend  next Saturday and she's the only one I can dump these hats on, so I need to finish quickly. But it's wreaking havoc on my fingers. I always thought little needles were the ones to fear, but these are the largest needles I've used since I finished my dad's scarf in December!

Oh. So. I was avoiding Dreamwidth (kinda) initially because I was too busy being busy and panicking about my speech, and later because I still haven't gotten un-lazy enough to upload the pics of my dad's cake and The Sock. But I figure it's getting ridiculous at this point, so I might as well just come back here shamefaced, lol.

Regarding the speech, I got an A (yay!) and my professor thinks that with some improvement (although not that much~) I have a good chance of placing in the speech competition. I want to place. And I want that first place. Not because I'm competitive, and not even because I'm particularly passionate about my topic (although I kinda am). I want it because if I win, I'll have $100 to spend however I please. Including on gas for an expensive-ish trip to who-knows-where :D

I'm gonna go finish torturing my fingers now.

(I use the word "ridiculous" a lot. Lol.)
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I for real feel like an addict. Like, I'm randomly craving dc and asking people to buy it for me and stuff and gah. It's awful. Clearly, I decided to stop myself at the right time! I can only imagine how bad I'd be in a few years :/

Moving on, I made the cake! And it came out...meh? I wrote the wrong age on it (;-_-), I forgot to put frosting between the layers (;;-_-), and (apparently) neither the cake nor the icing were sweet enough (;;;-_-). Well, whatever. I'll get it right one day. I'm pretty sure I promised pics, but I'm too lazy to do that at this point, lol. But I will eventually. Hopefully within the next couple of days.

The Sock! Is complete!! I'm excited! In celebration (sort of, not really) I bought some needles 24" and 32" online today with a gift card Amazon gave me for trading in an old textbook. So when those show up, I'll start on the second pair of socks, hopefully all at once. In the meantime, I plan on finishing up some socks for a friend. I feel like I'll never knit a sock again after this! They're everywhere!! Oh, and I'll also add a pic of the sock when I do the cake (hopefully).

I had a job interview Friday and I think it went kinda well. Apparently it wasn't a "final" interview, but for once my limited schedule wasn't a problem. So I remain vaguely hopeful. Which is good, I guess, since I'm almost out of money again. 
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Only one isn't, but I don't even pay attention in that class so I'm certainly not gonna drive 20 miles and brave psychotic traffic just to sit there and not listen (not to mention the gas...). In better-but-still-not great news, my abject poverty has been temporarily relieved (and I didn't even have to borrow money from my parents!), but I'm still jobless. Irritatingly enough, that phone interview thing I had, I totally would've gotten the job if I didn't have school on Tuesdays. SO MUCH SUCKING. I honestly can't find a job. I don't know what I'm gonna do. :(

Also, I got a 90 on my speech. I wanted a 100 or at least a 95, but I'm pretty sure I didn't speak long enough. It makes me very sad. :/

Oh yeah! The Sock. I am working my way down the foot. I can't wait till I start decreasing the toes and I'll know IT'S ALMOST OVER. This thing is a monster; I think it's gonna use, like 40/50 grams of yarn I bought. I'm gonna post a picture of it when I finish. If I finish, lol. 
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Uh, wrong. But whatever, I'm not explaining because 1) my computer keeps randomly changing the active page while I type and 2) I already know what I'm talking about and (for all intents and purposes) I'm talking to myself, lol. But in better news! I'm pretty sure that I'll have enough gas to get myself out of town and back in and I managed to hang on to my last $20, so I can buy myself some food and a little more gas. I think if I limit the food bill to $5 I'll be able to go to school for another week with $15 in gas money. :D

In even better news, The Sock, as I've come to think of it, is coming along quite nicely (I guess). I'm starting the gusset, so in just a few inches I'll be done :D. I'm glad I discovered the awesome, peaceful, wonderfulness that is walking around a (mostly) deserted campus and knitting to oneself. I think it's becoming my favorite part of the day :) Maybe I should start taking walks...

In even better news, I have a phone interview (perhaps?) tomorrow morning. I really want this job! Hopefully my limited availability won't be an automatic "no" but, well...

I'm gonna go do some late-night homework now.


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